Anatolij Zajączkowski, Digital Artist


Victory is not soldiers marching bravely under beautiful flags, it’s not waving banners. This is not a celebration of justice. And the Greek statue of Nike is not kept in the Louvre. In fact, she stands, shelled by artillery, in the Void. And it’s guarded by two Cerberus with human skulls: Greed and Falsehood. Keep this in mind when you joyfully celebrate the victory of one side or the other.



36 artists from NFT Bastards and creative association 111Hata together with the hip-hop radio station Studio 21 invite you to an incredible space journey to new galaxies. You together with WHITEPUNK and MALENKIY YARCHE will visit many planets to record a unique track.


Synesthesia (“MUSIC LOVERS WORLDWIDE” Collab)

Synesthesia is a disease when you see music in color. All seven colors of the rainbow are used in the work, like seven notes.


We Are Animals

We are one with the planet. When you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself.

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The most terrible thing that mankind has done in recent history is the invention of the atomic bomb. Pure Evil was set free.

In 1945, after the liberation of the concentration camps in Germany by the Americans, President Eisenhower ordered as many journalists as possible to be sent there to document the atrocities that some members of the human race committed against others. And so that humanity never again repeats those mistakes.

Grimace The Story is that it was the American President Bush Jr. who allowed the Guantanamo camp after the September 11.

I put these three powerful images in the background of my work “Humanity”: the atomic explosion, the gate from the Auschwitz camp and the Twin Towers. Modern symbols of Humanity. And in the foreground, with holes in their hands, male and female heads squeeze the Earth. So beautiful and so fragile. Do we really have the right to be called “Humanity”?


Meditative Trilogy

Three works, each with a musical title. These works are my comprehension of transcendental meditation.

Part 1: Meditation in the Crowd. The first art in the series is called Meditation in the Crowd. Whatever black chaos surrounds you, don’t give up. Remember, there is a whole universe inside you.Meditation in a Crowd is a line from a song by the Russian music band Televizor (TV in eng). “Meditation in a crowd, breakdancing on the Pryazhka. Sometimes funny, but generally scary.” Pryazhka is a psychiatric hospital in St. Petersburg. It’s getting more interesting?

Part 2: Shiva in Exile. Shiva got entangled in something like a spiderweb, against the background of incomprehensible constructions as if from the movie Hellraiser. Like the previous artwork in the series, the title is associated with music. Shiva in Exile is the name of a duet between Russian vocalist Yana Veva and German musician Stefan Hertrich.

Part 3: Fear Inoculum. “Exorcise the spectacle. Exorcise the malady. Exorcise the disparate. Poison for eternity. Purge me and evacuate. The venom and the fear that binds me!” Like the previous two arts, the title of the third part of the trilogy is musical. This is the name of Tool’s latest album. 

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Silver Age Bastards Collaboration

The artists of the largest NFT community in the CIS, NFTBastards, in collaboration with the great-grandson of the photographer Moses Nappelbaum, created the NFT collection “Silver Age Bastards”. The purpose of the NFT collection is to rethink photos of famous personalities of the Silver Age period and show how the look evolved after a hundred years.

About this work:

Asaf Messerer. The work combines images of music and art. Choreographer Messerer is drawn to the music of Tchaikovsky. The continuous line of Picasso and the lines in Kandinsky’s colors — this work epitomizes the Silver Age.


Fractal Lucy

Fractal Lucy — Astral reflection of physical Lucy.


Vitruvian Man

Da Vinci’s geometric experiments with the human body outside. And visualisation of the soul inside a person. Should the “ideal person” fit into a square and a circle? Maybe the “ideal person” is something else? What has nothing to do with appearance at all?

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The Eye of God

His sigh lasts for centuries.

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Scientists, artists, and science fiction writers have been obsessed with the fusion of flesh and mechanics for centuries. We are a generation in whose eyes these dreams come true. Yesterday’s fantasies, today they push our blood with prosthetic heart valves, hug loved ones with bionic arms.XLIX Merger is a collaboration of 49 crypto artists from around the world who continue to look and visualize the future. Tomorrow our work will become your daily routine. But today, we allow you to look into the future, share with you our dreams, fears, and hopes.


Digital Artist Anatolij Zajączkowski

Rodin — The Thinker

If the sleep of the mind gives rise to monsters, what gives rise to the wakefulness of the mind? Rodin’s The Thinker, he was originally the Poet, he also Dante.

Model: Rigsters Music: Karlheinz Stockhausen — Kontrapunkte

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